DCHL Code of Conduct

Ball hockey is a competitive sport. But we all need to remember the big picture: we’re mainly doing this for fun and exercise. It’s just a recreational coed league, and we all need to constantly self-police/look out for one another, taking responsibility for ourselves and for our opponents. Referees can’t see everything, even on the pro level, and our game is supposed to be non-contact. Also, much of what occurs is potentially dangerous but still within the rules and not something that can always be penalized. So rather than fighting for every ball, players need to limit their heat of the moment aggression/competitiveness, learning to back off if someone else gets there first. Remembering good sportsmanship will also help to keep tempers under control especially when we are playing in confined space.

So let’s give others space, and that should greatly reduce the risk of potential injuries resulting from bodily contact and errant sticks. Often it seems that those who get injured are as accountable as everyone else because they’re playing way too hard. And if that means toning it down and adopting a more cautious style, going at 80% rather than 110%, the game will become much safer and more enjoyable for all.

Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.

1) Respect your peers (teammates, opponents, officials and all associated with the league).
2) Please keep in mind that this is a recreational league. We want to see competition and effort at the highest level without a “cutthroat win at all cost” mentality.
3) Play with good sportsmanship. Win with class. Lose with class. And yes, tie with class.
4) Please keep in mind that this is a recreational league. Please give courtesy to all your teammates by allowing for equal playing time. This is not a professional league
where the “star” players get more ice time or call the shots.
5) We know that sometimes the game gets emotional and intense and this can lead to outbursts. Please try to channel the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy. Leave your frustrations behind. Focus on the fun spirit.
6) Please make sure that you ensure your safety and those of other you play with and against. We are a hockey family. We protect each other…not put each other at risk.
7) Good-natured trash talking in a joking way is acceptable. It adds a little flavor and makes it fun. But please do not demean any player, opponent or team or cross any common sense lines.
8) No player is allowed to engage or talk to an opponent in a negative or confrontational manner.
9) We all play at different skill levels. Please do not publicly criticize another player (same team or opponent) during play. Negative reinforcement is not acceptable and detrimental to the team concept. Offer positive encouragement and help each other grow.
10) Please communicate with your team captain in advance of game day whether you will make it or not. We know that everyone cannot make every game as we all have lives but it is important that you let your captain know where you stand each game so you do not put your team in a bind.
11) Fill-ins or subs that are not part of our league are not allowed unless the league office has approved them. Since every one pays to play, we want to protect the integrity of this league.
12) Referee(s) are there to protect you (safety) and the integrity of fair competition….not to be a gatekeeper of every single infraction that he or she sees.
13) No player can approach or argue with a referee during a game. Only a team captain can approach a referee during a stoppage of play to ask a question or ask for an explanation.
14) No player can question a judgment call made by a referee. They can only ask their captain to question an incorrect application of a rule.
15) No player shall curse publically or throw his stick or other equipment (even in frustration). If you need a moment, step OUTSIDE the gym to collect yourself.
16) Have fun! Smile. Relax. Enjoy! We are privileged that we can enjoy something like floor hockey. This is supposed to be stress free and social (yet still fuel our competitive juices).
17) Respect the facility that hosts us! Respect their employees and rules. Without them, we would have no place to play.
18) DCHL Leagues reserves the right to suspend, put on probation, and expel/ban any player that does not follow this code of conduct and any other rules or regulations.
19) Players are not subject to any refund due to injury or any disciplinary action.
DCHL reserves the right to add/modify to this code of conduct if need be at any time.