DCHL Leagues Email and Privacy Policy

DCHL Leagues Privacy Policy prohibits passing/sharing your personal information (such as address, contact phone number and email to anyone) to anyone that we deem is not a function of the activity for which you have signed up or is a league-related event. If anyone asks for your personal information that we feel is not associated with the league or a league sanctioned event, we will ask your permission to see whether you want to release the info. Otherwise, we will refer the request directly to you and not pass the info along.

This policy ensures that you are not spammed or marketed by strangers UNLESS you have given permission to do so.

DCHL Leagues requires a current and active email address to participate in the league.

Please also note that DCHL Leagues does tape feature games, take seasonal photos, and created marketing videos. By playing in our leagues, you are automatically giving us permission to use any multimedia documentation of your participation and experience to promote our leagues. If for some reason you DO want to opt out of this, you need to notify the league in writing.

DCHL Leagues reserves the right to add/modify to this if need be at any time.